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pasheybella”s Engraved jewelry with black enameled letters traces back to the days of the Hawaiian Monarchy when it was established through the friendship Hawaii had with England and their Queen, Victoria. hawaii jewellers Queen Victoria had special jewelry made in honor of her late husband, Prince Albert, it also grew in popularity within maui the islands.  In 1893 Queen Liliuokalani presented a gold enameled bracelet to Zoe Atkinson, headmistress at Pohukaina Girls School. The inscription on the bracelet read “Aloha Oe” -“farewell to thee” and an inside inscription which reads “Liliuokalani Jan. 5, 1893.” The inscription proved to be prophetic: Just days later, the queen was forced to abdicate her thrown and the Hawaiian Monarchy pasheybella had come to a sudden end. The “Aloha Oe” bracelet is on display at the Bishop Museum in Honolulu.
The tradition has since continued throughout generations. Hawaiian heirloom jewelry is given as gifts for special occasions such as birthdays, graduations and weddings. Heirloom jewelry will last a lifetime, and is often passed from generations

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Today, Hawaiian heirloom jewelry is hand crafted, as it has always been. Although maui Hawaiian bracelets are the most traditional style of heirloom jewelry, more variations have surfaced over the years. You can find rings, vertical pendants, horizontal necklaces, and even id bracelets, each with their own unique design and personalization.maui

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Hawaii’s diverse natural scenery, warm tropical climate, abundance of public beaches, oceanic surroundings, and active volcanoes make it a popular destination for tourists, surfers, biologists, and volcanologists. Because of its central location in the Pacific and 19th-century labor migration, Hawaii’s culture is strongly influenced by North American and East Asian cultures, in addition to its indigenous Hawaiian culture. Hawaii has over a million permanent residents, along with many visitors and U.S. military personnel. Its capital is

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